Are You Ready for Fall?

Bright skies and quiet evenings, aroma of burning leaves in the air, and cold mornings – there is a beauty in every season, but Autumn is the striking one.

Unfortunately, red and purple colors of fallen leaves very often – and alas – appear on our cheeks and noses, too. Under the bright and crispy October skies we need no less protection then under the hot sun of July.

  • To keep the skin fresh, clean and properly nourished, start with a proper cleansing procedure. We recommend our film-forming Tender Facial Wash enriched with aloe and rosemary extracts, full of antioxidants.

We have our Facial Wash in two variants: with willow bark for irritated skin, and with kelp bioferment for dry and dull skin. These botanically-based cleansers are mild because of a special film-forming formula. You will be surprised how tender our cleansers are, and how they effectively cleanse your pores.

  • Another recommended procedure for everyone during the cold season is exfoliation. Your best friends will be whipped scrubs with luxurious unrefined butters as shea and cocoa for their wonderful ability to moisturize and nourish the skin in seconds.

ARTIO offers a variety “the best ever” scrubs with pure plant extracts. These are all natural products designed to exfoliate softly, moisturize deeply and polish any type of skin.

Make exfoliation a part of your facial routine using our clay masks enriched with light absorbing nourishing oils and herbal extracts. Apply any clay mask for 5-10 minutes on a clean skin twice a week, wash it off gently, and enjoy your new fresh look.

  • Many people do not see the purpose in facial toners. Do not make this mistake. The beauty of toners is that you can apply them on your skin before or after make-up, any time of a day when you feel your skin is getting too oily or too dry. They are tone improving products, non-sticky moisturizers, herbal refreshers that support your look, mood and mind. 

This season, a new product has joined our toners family – Oil-Free Mattifying Toner, a gelled non-sticky beauty product designed specifically for sensitive and oily skin.

  • And finally, use proper moisturizers. ARTIO’s famous Vital Face Cream with an extremely effective formula featuring squalane and jojoba oils, and a light and fluffy Hydro Eye Cream with plum and rosehip oilsAbsorbed by skin in seconds, they have a great ability to hydrate and highlight your look, a great support during the upcoming festive season.

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