Basic Facial Routine Everybody Needs
Let’s talk about your face, dear. It needs care. Especially, when the immune system is weak. Breakouts? Dull skin? Shadows under your eyes that also do not sparkle? But most importantly, breakouts? 


Well, everyone will tell you the same: sleep more, avoid stress, eat healthy... But I am not going to talk about these 3 steps to your everlasting beauty, I will tell you about 3 other no less important steps that will help you, too. And quicker than you think. 

I am going to teach you how to get your good, glowing look, how to reduce the number of breakouts, how to improve the skin tone, and if you read and follow my advice, you will find your life more pleasant and your skin glowing. 

Why do I feel so sure? Because I have been there, done that. I had my own stress (still have, who doesn't), my sleepless nights, and my pesky pimples (eew!). They tortured me for a long time until I pulled myself out of skin problems like baron Munchausen pulled himself out of a swamp following three simple steps (actually, four but for the beginning, three would be great). 

But the secret is even more simple: it really does not matter what kind of products or brands you will use to achieve your nirvana, it is all about ... perseverance. We are talking about routine, right? Riiight. Well, the core of any beauty routine is... consistence! Apply your beauty products every day, twice a day, and enjoy the results already in a few days. 

The best start is when you apply a cleanser, then a toner, and then a moisturizer. This is it. It's simple. 

Let me repeat: it does not matter what kind of products you apply - cheap or extremely expensive, handcrafted in the kitchen or in a scientific lab, the order and regularity of application is the thing. 

Well, if you apply ARTIO's basic facial products, than your results will skyrocket but if you already have a cleanser (mild natural soap is also ok), a toner and a moisturizer in your cabinet, just put them in front of your mirror and use them in the morning and in the evening, day by day, day by day. After a couple of weeks meet your new self. Do not stop. Keep using your three best friends if you want this magic to last. 

Now, about that fourth step, remember? To add some real glam to you look, to secure your hard work and patience, include a facial mask twice a week and an eye hydrating cream. 

And finally! Enjoy. The new. You!

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