Ten Commandments of Winter Skincare

1. Do not take scalding hot showers. 

They can dry your skin. Hot water can feel soothing, especially on a cold day, but it's super drying. 

 2. Apply body lotion or body bitter when you leave the shower. 

After your shower, apply a light, quickly absorbing oil like jojoba, sweet almond, primrose, or grapeseed before you towel off. 
If it is really cold, add another layer of body moisturizer with shea butter like La Salle Botanique's Body Butters

 3. Be reasonable with SPF. 

Wear it if you are going to spend more than 30 minutes outside. Winter sun provides you with melanin enough to protect your skin from UV rays, and make it feel happy. 
There is no harm to spend 30 minutes outside enjoying a bright cool day. If you are going to ski, skate, or take a long walk, then treat your skin as in the summer months - apply a cream with SPF. 
Those who spend their lives in the office-car-home - relax - you do not need any SPF treatment. 

 4. Lips need care, too! 

Hydrate your lips with lip butter. Exfoliate the cracked lip skin with a gentle sugar scrub, and never pull or bite your lips. 
Artio's lip scrubs with a blend of light and nourishing oils will restore your beauty in minutes. 

 5. Take care of your hands. And don’t forget your neck. 

One of the easiest ways to keep your hands looking young is to use gloves and actually wear them. The skin on your hands is thin and more transparent than the skin of your body. 
Frost, hot water, and hand sanitizer damage hands. So, apply hand creams always. We found that creams with shea butter, glycerin, and silicons (or their "greener" substitutes) are the most effective blend. 
La Salle Botanique offers rich hand creams that come in 4 scents and make miracles. Like your lips - which are easy to neglect - you should always treat your neck as you treat your face. 
Use an oily serum and a rich moisturizer loaded with active ingredients like Artio's Vital Face Cream. It will help your face and your neck to look and feel nice. 

 6. Use a hydrating facial cleanser to prevent the over-drying effect. 

Cleanse your face. Washing your face seems like a simple task, but in winter, it becomes an art. 
Choose a cleanser - foaming, milky, micellar, or moisturizing - wash your face and neck every day and never go to bed wearing makeup. 
Artio's cleansers with aloe, kelp, or willow bark are the best for any cleansing routine. 

 7. Reduce the use of heat stylers so your hair is less prone to breakage. 

Go au naturel. Put the blow-dryer away, make a bun. Get a stylish haircut. 
If you are short of money, try Great Clips - they know how to make your hair pretty for an affordable price. 
Please do not use heat stylers every day: dry ends, dull-looking hair are not the girl's best friends. 

 8. Use hair conditioners. 

During the winter months, conditioning is more important than shampooing. Use conditioners with such emollients as green tea extract, silk protein, or camomile. 
If you have an oily scalp, apply your conditioner on the ends. Spread your conditioner all over your hair if you have dry scalp and damaged hair. 

 9. Exfoliate your body and face once or twice a week for healthy, glowing skin. 

Regular exfoliation keeps skin glowing. Exfoliate your body once a week. This will keep your skin looking tender and fresh. 
We prefer sugar scrubs because salts can sting if you have little cuts. Salts are not the winter skin's choice. 
Moisturizing scrubs with shea butter are a great choice. Sugar bonds with water, which makes it hydrating as well as an effective exfoliant. 
You can use them on your dry skin, too. Rub it gently into your cracked heels or elbows, wipe off the remains of sugar, and enjoy your polished skin. 
Do not apply these scrubs on your face, use facial masks instead. 

 10. Drink plenty of water—beautiful, hydrated winter skin starts from the inside out! 

Do you know how many calories and sugar are in your latte or your juice, or fruit smoothie?
We are overloaded with sugar and calories that cause insulin to leave us even hungrier a short time later.
Several glasses of water are more than enough. Or tea. Unsweet tea.

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