2020 was uneasy for everyone - deadly virus, unwanted lockdowns, loss of friends and family members, unemployment... Should we continue to salt our wounds? No. We are going to celebrate the good things of the fading year.

Many of you began to renovate your houses or grow gardens. Parents finally found the time to spend with their children. Pets were loved even more than usual. And everyone became creative making their nests cozy and bright.

During these times candles became our best friends. Do you know that U.S. retail sales of candles are approximately $3.2 billion annually? But 2020 was something: while makeup sales were down by 31% in the third quarter of a year, candle sales skyrocketed. Because women with families, who are major candle buyers, are more homebound than ever.

The most popular candles are still soy candles but they met a strong competitor - coconut wax. Coconut wax candles and their blends with coy and apricot kernel wax became a hit of 2020. Clean burning, vegan, and sustainable coconut candles took the luxury niche without any effort. These candles smell great before, during, and after burning without making black fumes and weird tunnels.

The most popular sents of the year were citrusy - mandarin, tangerine, blood orange - you name it, all of them are the hit. Next to the winner were herbaceous scents of vetiver and driftwood. Last but not least among popular notes were oriental, sensual scents of orchid, amber, and everlasting patchouli.

The National Candle Association reports that 90% of candles are bought by women and container candles are one of the most popular choices among female shoppers. Natural looks and hand labeling are still popular among middle-class customers. However, the luxury candle market delivers beautiful unique designs in glass and tin forms.

We, in ARTIO, created two modern collections with exclusive scents in comfortable, safe, and reusable vessels.

Explore our "Silk and Linen" collection of fragrant candles for the bedroom. These coconut & apricot pure candles make a huge difference in a bedroom, especially when it comes to helping people relax after a busy dayHandpoured in white glossy tins, they help to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in your bedroom. Four unique fragrances will please any taste. Choose between fruity, green, sensual, or floral scents, and enjoy your time of relaxation.

The modern living room candle by ARTIO is a sleek tin filled with 14.5 ounces of fine fragranced coconut & apricot wax blend for clean burning. It creates an elegant glow formed by the golden wall and smooth pure wax when lit. During the day, it can provide positive energy while creating a warm and cozy environment at night.

ARTIO offers 6 scents that are not just for women - men will enjoy them, too, thanks to the herbal and earthy notes in every fragrant composition. Choose between bright mandarine or intriguing flower, spices & chocolate or morning freshness, juicy berries, or cool waters - they all are a step up from your usual experience.

In ARTIO, we care about our nature and choose ingredients and packaging that are safe and sustainable, so you can enjoy them in many ways. Our tin candle vessels come in white, pink, and black colors. Re-use their elegant containers for jewelry or other delights when the candles are goneModern candles by ARTIO are made with no phthalates, no parabens, no sulfates, no animal testing.

Pair any ARTIO candle with a lotion, or a scrub, and you will make a stunning, unforgettable gift that will please your dear ones. It is a great deal, especially if you or your beloved ones lost the usual income during the pandemic. After all, the fragrant candle has always been this ‘Little Engine That Could’ in many ways, and its healing ability is surprising.

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