Artio's Facial Washes for Irritated Skin

I love to create gentle facial cleansers. After a hard day it is so revealing to wash away all impurities, and see how my skin healthy glows again.
Nowadays, proper cleansing is important more than ever. Wearing a mask protects you from the virus, and this is a huge plus. But there is a big minus that comes with it: 
wearing mask = skin irritation and acne! Even those with normal skin now experience occasional breakouts. Protect your skin, use mild cleansing facial washes and toners to avoid or minimize the problem! 

ARTIO offers two tender facial washes: for normal and dry skin - with Aloe & Sea Kelp Bioferment, and for oily and acne prone skin - with Willow Bark and Aloe extracts. 
Both washes cleanse your skin without drying it. Their film firming effect helps to regulate the oil-water balance of the skin. Another valuable facial product, ARTIO’s oil-free mattifying toner with honey and oatmeal proteins will finish the cleansing procedure, giving your skin toning and uplifting support. Its light gelled, completely oil-free formula makes this toner not just a cleanser but also a moisturizer for those with acne-prone skin.

Vegan and cruelty-free facial cleansers of ARTIO are your good friends during this pandemic time.

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