Light sheets layered beneath a soft cotton coverlet, cute pillows nicely arranged at the head of the bed and a textured blanket at the feet creates the restful retreat... Our bedroom is the most important place in the house. 
ARTIO's candles can make a huge difference in a bedroom, especially when it comes to helping people relax after a busy day. The atmosphere they create is filled with nice scents, zen feelings, and romance. There is nothing more calming than looking at the flame of a candle. And this cannot be compensated by anything. 

"Silk & Linen" Candle Collection features 4 fragrances: sweet, floral, fresh, and sensual with a hint of modern earthiness in each fragrant composition. Glossy white tin candles with a special coconut & apricot wax blend and cute ribbon wicks burn cleanly. ARTIO's candles are a step up from your usual experience. They scent your bedroom with alluring elegance. 

Choose between Laughing Buddha, Northern Lights, Gelato of Fruity Pebbles or collect them all and enjoy your special time in your very special place. Make your choice following these descriptions:
  • Fruity Pebbles: an amazing blend of acai and plums mingles with hemp leaf, a powerful fragrance for a beautiful mind.
  • Gelato: soft, earthy, and nice hints of chocolate, hemp, frankincense, and incense of Java - a heavenly delicious fragrance.
  • Laughing Buddha: a vibrant floral fragrance with notes of hyacinth, wild hemp, and bamboo recreates an atmosphere of bliss and happiness.
  • Northern Lights: green-woody accords of hemp leaf, juniper, and cedarwood are brightened with notes of fresh morning dew and lemon zest for an "ozoney" fresh scent. 
*All fragrances are phthalate-free and do not contain THC or CBD.

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