Reveal Your Magnetic Look During This Fall

There are no borders for beauty but there are seasonal limits that should be considered. As the days become shorter and cooler, you may find yourself reaching for an extra jumper to stay warm and an extra moisturizer for your tighter and more prone to irritation skin.

Hydration becomes a challenge - outdoor weather isn’t the only dryness problem. All the things we do to warm up when we get inside - turn up the heat, take a hot shower - may also cause dryness and irritation as well. As a result, you may notice your skin is flakier on your face and body and more prone to inflammation. The skin on your hands may begin to crack. Your complexion may suffer as you apply more products and heavier makeup to conceal redness.
How to avoid these seasonal fluctuations? Reveal your magnetic look through mastering your facial routine. We, in ARTIO, designed a skincare procedure specifically for your needs. We call it Magnetic Look Essential Skincare Kit because it helps to maintain your skin’s health within 5 essential steps.


1. It all starts with the proper cleaning procedure.

Cleanse your face with one of our facial washes of your choice. We recommend Facial Wash with Aloe & Sea Kelp Bioferment for normal, sensitive, and dry skin, and Facial Wash with Aloe & Willow Bark Extract for oily and normal skin with occasional outbreaks. Gently massage a dollop of Wash over the wet face and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use hot water! It may hurt your gentle skin. If you have extra dry, sensitive skin, use facial wash only in the evening and cleanse with water in the morning. 


2. Hydrate your skin with a toner. 

Artio's Oil-free Mattifying Toner gives your skin a fresh kick due to aloe, oats, and honey liquid proteins. It is non-sticky and leaves skin visibly fresh. It is perfect for any skin type but especially effective for oily skin. Artio's toner is great for helping the actives penetrate the skin (next step). Use our toner twice a day or anytime when you feel you need it. Use a sponge on sensitive or dry skin.

The double cleansing procedure will allow you to get rid of dead cells and other impurities, it will even the skin tone, and prepare your skin to the nourishing steps of your beauty routine.

3. Consider extra nourishment.

Completely vegan Hydrating Serum loaded with essential proteins and vitamins is absolutely amazing. Your skin will receive the necessary nourishment and will be visibly improved in a short time.

Apply Artio's Hydrating Serum to your skin after cleansing and before moisturizing to help deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin. Doing this will help to seal in the other products. After cleansing your skin, add a small amount to the back of the hand and apply to the forehead, chin, cheeks, neck, spread evenly. Use morning and night as desired.


Switch out your lightweight summer moisturizer with one that improves your skin’s natural moisture barrier and absorbs below the top layer. The Squalane Vital Face Cream balances and calms post-treatment, while the Plum and Rose Hydro Eye The cream is a firming, final step to lock-in healthy moisture. 


4. Skin around the eyes needs care.

An eye hydrating cream-gel with luxurious oils and a complex of plant proteins will gently tighten and properly moisturize the thin skin around your beautiful eyes. Use this cream once or twice a day depends on weather and skin condition. Apply a small amount of cream to both eyes, dabbing small dots under and around your eyes and along the brow bone. Wait a couple of minutes before applying moisturizer or makeup.


5. Moisturize your face with Artio's Vital Face Cream with squalane. 

It is a very light and quickly absorbing concoction that leaves your skin properly hydrated, visibly plump, and radiant. Apply to the cleansed face and décolleté area twice a day for the best result. Use it twice a day for the best and quick results.

Using Artio’s Magnetic Look Skincare Kit, you’ll begin to see proven results after just two weeks! Artio always values its customers, so we are giving this amazing kit right now for sale to make your skin winter-ready and you happy. Check this wonderful offer and enjoy your evolving beauty this Fall!

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